Snow Day!!

While many adults don’t ever go “play in the snow” anymore, I believe it’s one of the best ways to have fun with your dog. It’s free and if they like snow like almost every dog I’ve met, they will lose their minds.


Just look at this majestic goof. Not captured on film because it was the worst snow storm I’ve seen in years and my phone was getting very wet, was Ajay and the others zipping through the snow. Ajay seems to enjoy hopping through the snow drifts taller than him. Kiva likes to have a toy thrown and pounce on it like an arctic fox and Raven just likes fetch, as usual.

There are a few things you need to look out for when having a one sided snowball fight with your furbaby(s). After a while you’ll know your dog and when they get too cold and need some inside time to warm back up. I know Ajay is too cold when his little toe peas get too red. Kiva shivers. If you have a breed that isn’t made for the cold like a bull mastiff, doberman or small dog, it might be wise to get them a sweater. Because Ajay is so small he has a coat and a hat for long play sessions.


Once inside it may be a good idea to give them a check. They may  need help with some snow dingle berries as Raven always does. I also like to check their paw pads for clumps of snow/ice and help get rid of them. While you’re there you can feel their pads to make sure they’re not getting chapped. I have a tube of paw/nose balm just in case!

I hope everyone else getting drowned in white is staying safe and warm!


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