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Ear Woes

I don’t know if it’s a bullmastiff thing or not, but Kiva has battled with ear infections her whole life. In fact, her vet described her as “very yeasty” (ew). Because of this and my limited funds, I’ve found ways to manage it so I don’t have to take her in every month for pills (like I was).

My number one tip for keeping a problem-prone pooch’s ears healthy is to get into the habit of checking them a few times a week. Also, and I know this sounds disgusting, make sure you smell them when they’re healthy and when they’re not. Knowing what an ear yeast infection smells like can be handy (I know, I know) because if you smell it, you know you gotta bite the bullet and take them in.

Now, if you flip that ear up and there’s a lot of gunk, don’t panic.20170406_145607

It’s hard to get a good pic, but her ear has a lot of goop in it. It’s almost always her right ear. Now it’s time to get them into the bathroom for some TLC. Here’s my ear-cleaning supplies.


I use the cleaning pads to clean her ears at least once a week when they’re fine. When there’s an issue, I clean them every other. The other days I use the flush. If I suspect something is in there I use it as intended, but usually I pour some on the cotton pads or swabs to thoroughly clean the ear. It’ll probably take a couple each to get all the stuff out depending on how bad the ear is.

Kiva scratches a lot when they get gunk, so they also end up bleeding a little. If this happens I will put a little antibiotic cream on the ear flap, not the inside, to help it heal.

If you have any other ear cleaning secrets, feel free to share!



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