The Best Way To Get Dog Hair Out of Carpet

Anyone who owns a dog has probably noticed a soft covering of their pooches hair dusting the carpet. You can see it and yet vacuums don’t seem to get it (mine doesn’t anyway). I come with great news however, fellow pet owners! This is my secret:

But the hair isn’t on the dog anymore you say! Well, after trying to brush up some Kiva hair I dropped, I discovered you can brush your carpet too! Now my carpet isn’t looped and isn’t super plush so this may not work on all carpets, but it works like mine. No need to get a squeegee or wet glove, you can use the brush you (might) already have!

Here is my carpet before.

I found swiping across the carpet worked best. 

After a few swipes…

And a whole section…

Now go forth, and vanquish the scourge that plagued us all. 

Also, if you have any other pet-related cleaning tips please share!


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