The Furbabies



My furbabies:

The Oldest:

 Raven Hoover is Kiva’s oldest sister. She’s a border collie and ten years old, born on April 12th. Her hobbies include fetching, balls, fetchable objects and finding things that are fetchable objects. Her favorite food is scrambled eggs.

The Middle:

 The star of the blog is the middle child and two years old. Her birthday is July 12th and she weighs about 92 pounds. Her favorite food is meat balls and she loves sleeping, cuddling, eating and playing with her siblings. She has four pillows on her mom’s bed and a special elk antler to chew on before she sleeps. She is also the only child to have some health problems, but her mom does her best to take care of them.

The Baby: 

Ajay Ghale is the youngest kid and a bit of an accident. He is a small rat terrier born on April 20th. He loves to cuddle his mom and is very wary of strangers. He likes to burrow under blankets and fetch when his oldest sister doesn’t take the ball away from him. His favorite cuddle spot after his mom is Kiva, and he is her favorite pillow.